A question about a recipe: Bacalhau à Brás (Salt Cod With Potatoes and Eggs)

I have a question about the recipe "Bacalhau à Brás (Salt Cod With Potatoes and Eggs)" from Stephanie Andrews. Sorry, but what does "8 eggs (for 4 yolks)" mean?

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Nancy March 8, 2019
Most other recipes for this dish use whole eggs.
Sounds like this version only uses the yolks.
In absence of definite answer from recipe author, your choices - make another recipe or this one with whole eggs (for greater binding) or this one with yolks (for greater richness).
And please let us know what you do and how it turns out!
Roslyn S. March 8, 2019
Thanks, Nancy, but I'm afraid I still don't get it. 8 eggs, as called for, yields 8 yolks. So what does "for 4 yolks" mean? In the end, I used (for no rational reason except that 8 eggs sounded like a lot), 6 eggs: 2 whole eggs and only the yolks of 4 more.
Nancy March 8, 2019
Roslyn - sorry I wasn't clear.
I would have used another recipe from a site I know, like Leite's Culinaria, what he uses 8 whole eggs.
How did your solution work out, for taste & texture?
Roslyn S. March 8, 2019
The egg part worked out well. But the whole thing would have been better if I hadn't also balked at the amount of oil and had fried up the potatoes better. My result needed some flavor punch. But I'd use the recipe again. And I'll try your suggested one. Many thanks for responding.
Roslyn S. March 6, 2019
What does "8 eggs (for 4 yolks)" mean?
Happygoin March 6, 2019
That’s really ambiguous, huh? Maybe if you ask in the comment section under the recipe where reviews go. I think the author is notified. Perhaps they’ll come back and clarify.
Roslyn S. March 6, 2019
Thanks. Have done.
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