A question about a recipe: Alex Raij's Radishes with Vanilla Butter & Salt, 2 Ways

I have a question about the recipe "Alex Raij's Radishes with Vanilla Butter & Salt, 2 Ways" from Genius Recipes. Can you recommend a storebought cracker for this recipe? We have a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s nearby. Thank you!

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  • Posted by: Nicole
  • March 15, 2019


Nancy March 17, 2019
This is a lovely recipe, and the combination of sharp (radish) and aromatic/slightly towards the sweet (vanilla) would go well with a dark and fruity cracker.
There is a brand of small-batch very crispy cracker called Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps (from BC, which I discovered when working in Alberta about 10 years ago). Flavors like fig and olive, or cranberry hazelnut.
They are now sold in the US at Whole Foods, Ralph's, Publix, other stores. Although I didn't see Trader Joe's on a quick check of the website, I've started seeing no-name or store brand versions, so maybe they have something similar.
Ttrockwood March 17, 2019
I love those myself, trader joe’s does have a version that’s excellent and more budget friendly, slightly smaller size
notachance March 20, 2019
Thank you! I hadn't thought of a fruity cracker and those are good ones!
Ttrockwood March 16, 2019
The recipe recommends a very plain cracker, i would think Carr’s water crackers or their water crackers with black pepper would work well here. (Whole foods or other groceries, trader joe doesn’t have an equivalent)
notachance March 20, 2019
You're right-- Carr's seems like a solid bet. Will give it a try!
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