Please respond: want to make a return / haven’t heard back from your business

Hi Food52 folks,
This seems to be the only way to get your attention. We made an mistake with our order, followed your protocols for returns and haven’t heard back from anyone for over a week. You say we have 15 days to return, but we can’t seem to get a return email from you or find a phone number to call.
Pretty disappointed.
Please let me know how I can remedy this.

Lou Lauren LaMotte


John D. March 24, 2020
I have been trying to reach someone as well to make a return on a double shipment, and of COURSE double billing.

Makes you wonder why there is no Phone # to reach someone....!
Amanda H. March 24, 2020
Hi John, I'm sorry to hear about your experience -- we will definitely take your return and will fix the billing. I will make sure someone our Care team reaches out tomorrow.
Thanks, and apologies again,
Amanda Hesser
Co-founder and CEO
Amanda H. March 19, 2019
Hi Lou, so glad you reached out and very sorry about this. Our customer care team isn't backlogged so I'm concerned that either your message or our reply may not have been delivered. (If you haven't already checked your spam folder, though, you might want to in case it ended up there.) I'll share this with our care team and someone will reach out tomorrow morning when they're back in the office. Again, sincere apologies, and we'll get this figured out asap. - Amanda Hesser, co-founder, Food52
Lou L. March 19, 2019
Thank you - the order is under my partners name Brandie Taylor. We have checked the spam folders. Thank your for the swift reply.
Amanda H. March 19, 2019
Ok — thank you. We’ll be in touch tomorrow.
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