what is the purpose of an egg in mac and cheese

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1 Comment

Lori T. May 17, 2019
It depends on when, where, and how many eggs your recipe is calling for. If your sauce begins life as a basic white sauce, and adds in a yolk or beaten egg- you have created a rich sauce similar to a hollandaise. That will make it more stable for the addition of cheese- traditionally gruyere if you make a Mornay sauce. The egg yolk helps keep things in an emulsion, so you keep a smooth cheese sauce. However, if you add in too many eggs, and the mixture gets too hot- it can still curdle or end up tasting eggy. Too many eggs also takes you from the smooth and creamy into the baked custard territory. That makes a mac and cheese you can cut into neat little squares, but it's drier and not some folk's idea of mac and cheese. There are people with firm opinions on both sides of the added egg debate, but it comes down to what sort you want and what you think tastes best. Or what your grandma made and you grew up eating.
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