I am curious as to why you would give a new customer a discount, but loyal customers, who purchase regularly, must pay full price.

There are plenty of sites where I can find a healthy Memorial Day discount, or a loyal customer discount, but not here.

Liz McMahon
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1 Comment

Customer-Care May 28, 2019
Hi Liz! Thanks for much for voicing this concern. While we do offer a $10 discount to first-time customers ordering $50 or more (we hope you were able to use it!), we regularly have sales in our Shop—these are available to any customer, regardless of whether they have or haven't ordered with us. The best place to look out for these offers is in our newsletter, so keep an eye on your inbox! I hope that helps to answer your question, but if we can do anything else to help you're always welcome to reach us directly at [email protected]
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