Can I substitute Cannellini beans for Heinz tomato beans? And should I add the beans to the pan at the beginning?



Smaug June 11, 2019
?????The recipe calls for cannellini beans, I don't think there's such a thing as a tomato bean.
Marcelle June 11, 2019
I know the recipe calls for cannellini beans, as that is listed under Ingredients. I'm asking whether it would be possible to replace cannellini beans for the can of beans I have at home - "Heinz Beanz" ("Baked beans in a deliciously rich tomato sauce").
Smaug June 11, 2019
Ah-"replace cannellini beans with..." would have been clearer. The ingredients list for Heinz Beanz isn't too atrocious, but you would be adding some extraneous flavors. If you actually managed to find high quality fresh tomatoes for the sauce, I'd avoid anything that might tend to muddy the flavors, but your Heinz beans will probably produce a decent dish.
Marcelle June 11, 2019
Liz D. June 12, 2019
You could rinse the sauce off the Beanz
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