How long can I leave mayonnaise out before it goes bad?



boulangere June 14, 2019
When it demands your debit card and iPad, you know it's gone seriously bad.
Lori T. June 12, 2019
According to the FDA website, and with studies to back it up- commercially made mayonaise is actually pretty safe at ambient temperatures at least long enough to safely eat a sandwich made with it in the early morning, and not eaten until lunchtime or early afternoon. It is fairly acidic and contains additives which actually help retard bacterial growth. That said, I would not care to leave a jar of it on the counter any longer than can be reasonably avoided. A few hours perhaps, from sandwich prep to homecoming and realizing it was left out might be reasonable. Longer than that, it's not worth it. Mayonnaise isn't that expensive, or a rare and hard to find ingredient.
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