Does the roasting pan need to have a rack, or does the chicken go right in the pan? Thanks! I am "blooming" the saffron now and am excited to try this

  • Posted by: laura
  • June 22, 2019


Shadi H. June 22, 2019
Hi Laura, you don't necessarily need one with a rack, however, as Lori mentioned, you can use the rack if you have one. Hope you enjoy the recipe.
Lori T. June 22, 2019
The recipe doesn't mention using one, so I don't think it's strictly necessary. If you had one you wanted to use, I don't think it would hurt anything though. Using a rack helps get the skin on the backside nice and crispy, which will stay pale and flabby if you roast without one. But as that part of the chicken isn't usually seen or eaten, I don't think it's critical if you opt not to use a roasting rack. If you don't mind washing one up when done, and you've got one- use it. If you don't, don't sweat it. I doubt a lot of the old Persian grandmas had or used one either.
Michelle C. July 30, 2019
My father-in-law loves to eat the back! However, he wouldn't care (in fact would probably prefer it "stewed"). He always says, the best parts of the chicken are the parts no one else is willing to work to get :) I love that man second only to my husband and sons!
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