Can you fry a kombucha mother?

I have too many mothers, can you eat them?

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1 Comment

Lori T. June 25, 2019
Yes, the SCOBY is edible should you wish to do it. There are lots of recipe suggestions at various websites supporting this type of fermentation as well. I imagine you could fry it, though the moisture content might make that a challenge. Your kombucha mother is a colony of both bacteria and yeasts, which have build a cellulose home. Cellulose is what makes veggies and plants have a chew factor, and is the (in)famous roughage or bulk people speak of which helps your gut move things along. You could also opt not to eat it yourself, but make it available for other wildlife, or even add it to soil to enrich it. You could also offer it to others who wish to make their own kombucha, which is a nice way to pay things forward.
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