Has anyone make this using cherries?

Peach Tart
Recipe question for: Peach Tart


Smaug July 10, 2019
It'll probably come out OK, but it's going to need some adjusting; 3 to 5 cherries probably won't be enough, so you'll have to decide on a quantity, and they have a lot less moisture than peaches so the amount of flour will need adjusting, and the sugar may too. It shouldn't be hard to find a recipe for a cherry tart, and recipes for berry fillings tend to adapt well to cherries. You could still use this crust, if it appeals to you
Nancy July 10, 2019
Amount of fruit - yes needs adjusting.
Peaches vary...about 6 oz average, so 3 would give you 18 ounces.
To adapt the recipe, start with about a pound of cherries. Remove or add a few as pie plate size or aesthetics demand.

Nancy July 10, 2019
No, but most stone fruits (of which peaches and cherries are two) are interchangeable in most recipes.
Out of curiosity and wanting to give good advice, I checked their nutritional profiles and they have very similar ratios of carb, fat & protein.
If you DO make this tart with cherries (sweet or sour), please let us know how it works out.
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