What can I make with a single coconut?

I have one (1) coconut. It is unlikely I will receive anymore. What are cool things I can do with it?

Cody Kestigian


HalfPint July 25, 2019
I would grate "meat" and sprinkle on ceviche, add to salad rolls, or use in a seafood or chicken lettuce wraps. My mother use to make this Viet ceviche-style dish that consisted of vinegar & onion marinated white fish wrapped in rice paper with herbs, julienned cucumber or bean sprouts, and freshly grated coconut, served with a peanut dip sauce (think nuoc cham with crushed dry roasted peanuts). I believe it is a dish that is unique to the island where my family came from, Phu Quoc.
Nancy July 25, 2019
Sounds lovely!
Gammy July 25, 2019
Ahhhh, fresh coconut!!! Lucky you! Unfortunately, coconuts are not the easiest fruit to deal with. Check the internet for the easiest way to open. As kids, we used to use an ice pick on one or two of the "eyes", stabbing away until we got through the hard exterior to the juice/coconut water inside, then we'd drain the juice. To split the coconut, we'd take outside and throw it on the concrete drive until it split open. Once split into two-three pieces, we'd put them in the oven (on a sheet pan) for a bit to help loosen the white meat so we could pry out in chunks. Then we'd store in the refrigerator in the coconut water to keep from drying out. You still have to deal with a thin layer of brown shell-like material that is attached to the meat, it can be cut off or removed with a sharp vegetable peeler. Raw coconut is very crisp and a bit tough, I'd liken it to maybe raw carrot, but tougher. I have had toasted coconut chips which are delicious, made by shaving strips of the meat and baking until dry then adding a little salt to the chips. You could also grate the chunks and use for a fresh coconut cake making sure you save some of the coconut to add to the icing. What about making fresh coconut ice cream or gelato?
Nancy July 24, 2019
Mix the fresh wedges with pineapple and other tropical fruits, maybe a splash of liqueur and serve as is or over ice cream.
Emma L. July 24, 2019
I would put the water toward smoothies. And the meat—either shave thinly and toss in a salad to go with meat or fish, or chop into wedges and cover in chocolate.
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