Hello: where is it posted that items purchased from the home depart are not returnable? How did I miss this? Help?

I purchased very expensive door mats that don't work and now I"m told I can't return them. Is this the FOOD52 way?



Customer-Care August 13, 2019
Hi Janice! I'm so sorry to hear these door mats aren't working for you. I see you also reached out to us via [email protected], so I'm going to send you a note directly there. We'll do our very best to get this sorted out for you!
C S. August 13, 2019
I just looked at an item and below where you can "add item to your cart" there are three bullet points: details and material, care and notes, and shipping and returns. A return policy is stated there that says they do not accept returns. You have to click on shipping and returns but it is there.
Orcas13! August 13, 2019
I guess I missed the fine print there. Have you seen or tried these mats? Have you seen the reviews? I wish I had. I would like to ad my review but I’m told by the system I’m not a verified buyer. I hope you can change that so I can ad my review. You should consider removing this inadequately described product from your store. They simply are not acceptable and made of very hard plastic which is very uncomfortable to stand on. No one would want them as a kitchen mat. There are expensive, but I was very excited by the description and took a chance. Had a realized they’re were not returnable, I would not have taken such a risk. I’m hoping food52 will give me a solution to this problem. Thank you.
Customer-Care August 15, 2019
Hi again! I'm so sorry that you aren't happy with the mats, and for the trouble you've been having leaving a review—we sent you a note via [email protected] We'd love to help!
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