Caramel Sauce vs Caramel Syrup?

I just started working in a coffee shop. One of our mochas calls for chocolate and caramel. When I see my coworkers make the drink, some of them use the chocolate sauce and the caramel sauce, others will use the chocolate sauce and caramel syrup. What's the difference and how do I know when to use which one?And which one should we be using hot coffee and iced coffee?

  • Posted by: MJLove
  • October 13, 2019


boulangere October 13, 2019
You would likely get a more accurate answer from your manager. Everyone could benefit from knowing the consistent procedures and ingredients.
MJLove October 14, 2019
We have two managers and one of them one uses the caramel sauace, the other uses the syrup. So even if there isn't a definite answer, what's your recommendation?
boulangere October 14, 2019
I would still refer you to a manager. Go with the one who is responsible for the shift you work. She/he should explain the reason for the one being used.
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