What travel stories would you like to read?

Hi there!

Eric here. I'd love to hear from you: What kind of travel pieces do you want to see on Food52? Personal essays? Restaurant guides? Road trips? Any particular cities, countries, locales?

Any and all feedback is much appreciated.




Nancy October 27, 2019
Eric - Is this question an indication food52 will be expanding or changing its travel coverage? If so, know that you are already doing a good job that supports the stated mission of the site (having to and/or wanting to cook 52 weeks of the year) and your primarily USA user base for both readers and shoppers.
Many of the travel articles so far published focus on regional USA gems or food producers, road trips (e.g., hwy 101 in California, Maine lobster shacks, a recent piece about Wisconsin) and American travel patterns (big at Thanksgiving, Christmas and summer; how to carry or send food around the country, etc.).
And that's good.
One area you could expand and/or revisit is the one of how food cultures brought to USA from elsewhere change when here, subject to population, ingredients, commerce etc. Not to mention ideologies.
There have been occasional articles on other countries, but selection seems random or where the editors wanted to go, sometimes to forge commercial relations for the shop.
If you find there is enough interest and financial support to expand the travel section, maybe "stick to your knitting." Apply the local, quirky, seasonal approach, with cooking stories and recipes to places outside of USA. Perhaps choose countries based on your user base...which countries do Americans visit most each year?
I fear if food52 attempts to do general travel articles, the result may be random and not competitive with dedicated travel magazines and sites.

Nancy October 27, 2019
PS Meant to include cooking lessons, both amateur and professional, in local languages and English, when travelling abroad.
There are occasional questions about this on the hotline, but knowledge is hit and miss.
Stephanie G. October 26, 2019
Hi Eric, I like the restaurant guides best. I also like pieces on local food scenes, cuisines, etc. I would love one on Italy, Vancouver, Seattle or LA. Hope that helps, Stephanie
Wendy October 25, 2019
Hi Eric,
I am interested in family travel stories, also diverse experiences. For example, my family still raves about a wonderful vacation I planned for us hiking and glamping in the Canadian Rockies (at Shadow Lake Lodge) and then on to the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta. We have been to Europe and Hawaii on fabulous vacations since but they still think that one was the best!
We are planning a multigenerational trip to Italy next year and I am looking for experiences that we can all enjoy.
Do I enroll the kids in Italian camp while the adults peruse the museums in Florence? It would be great to hear from families that have had fun there.
Thanks Eric!
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