What are some tasty things to make with beet stems / leaves?

Roasting some of these bad boys and feel bad using up all this roughage. What are some yummy or weird things to make with them? My backup is pickling em.



Nancy January 28, 2020
louisez January 28, 2020
New York Times cooking has some good recipes, including Radiatore with beet greens and tomatoes.

gandalf January 28, 2020
Beets are the same species as Swiss Chard (which does not have a root that is used for cooking). So I would find some Swiss Chard recipes that you like, and use those for your beet stems/leaves.

Here is one: https://food52.com/recipes/36752-tara-duggan-s-chard-stalk-hummus
And another: https://food52.com/recipes/14230-swiss-chard-gratin
Emma L. January 27, 2020
Super simple but: I love sautéing them in olive oil. Salt, chile flakes, and a splash of vinegar at the end. I start the chopped stems first, then add the leaves later on.
HalfPint January 27, 2020
Along the same line, sauté in oil and garlic (slivered, minced, whatever you fancy) seasoning with a little salt. It's my go-to method for most greens.
Cody K. January 28, 2020
Ooo this sounds wonderful! Will give it a shot tonight :)
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