My dough was very wet when did the folds, nothing like the firm mass in the video. No sign of rising after a day in the fridge. What went wrong?

  • Posted by: Maureen
  • April 9, 2020


Happygoin April 10, 2020
Just another it possible your water was too hot? If it was more than 120 degrees, it may have killed the yeast.
Maureen April 13, 2020
I don't think that was the problem. I'm usually pretty careful about temping the water. But thanks--it's a good thing too keep in mind!
Coral L. April 10, 2020
Hi Maureen! Do you know if your yeast is still active? You can check by adding 1 teaspoon of sugar to 2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast (or, one envelope) to 1/4 cup of warm water. After about 10 minutes the mixture should be very foamy and smell sweet and yeasty. Inactive yeast will explain why the dough didn't show any activity overnight (nor during the bulk ferment, steps 4-6).
Maureen April 13, 2020
Hi, Coral! And thanks. I think that was the problem. I guess I started believing my yeast was immortal, it's been in the freezer so long and always does the job. But when I proofed it, the bubbles were kind of lackluster. So I've made another batch of dough with new yeast and mixed by hand instead of in the stand mixer. Looks much healthier! I appreciate the reminder!
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