My dough is sopping wet! I triple checked the measurements. What do I do? I really don't want to waste flour or yeast during this time! Do I keep addi

  • Posted by: CM
  • April 15, 2020


HalfPint April 15, 2020
Do the folding as best as you can and then cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. After the rest, if it’s still sticky and wet, scrap into a well oiled pan. Oil your hands and dimple the dough to the edge as described. Follow the rest of the recipe as described.

I do have to ask: did you weigh out the ingredients? From my experience, this is a wet and sticky dough but it really should not be sopping wet. If you use volume measurements, it is not as accurate. With dough, it can make a big difference in the final product.
CM April 15, 2020
I did weigh them, but something must have been off. I am planning to try baking this failed dough tomorrow just to see how it turns out (sans toppings). I don't want to use my mozzarella and get a complete failure!
Tracey April 17, 2020
I did not weigh the flour and my dough was stiff. Hmmm. In this pandemic, I also do not want to waste my pizza ingredients and will turn dough into focaccia if I don't get a good rise after 12 hours.:-(
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