Hi Coral, can you bake this in one pan?

Is it possible to bake it in one pan and then cut into 2 layers? If not advised - should I refrigerate half the batter while half is baking? Making this for my husbands birthday and I should have asked these questions a while ago instead of the day I’m making the cake 😳

Anisa Salerno
Our Best Carrot Cake
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Nancy May 3, 2020
On the other hand.
Baking in one pan is possible if you have either a large (12" or so) tube or bundt pan, or a lasagna/casserole pan (about 9x13").
The hole in the middle of the two large round pans or the wider area/lower height of the lasagna pan will help the batter cook through evenly.
A large round pan without a hole won't work....it will have either raw middle or overdone sides.
Coral L. May 3, 2020
Hi Anisa! I wouldn’t bake both layers in one pan—it’s likely they’ll overflow. Do you have any other pans—even a square one? You can bake one in the round pan, while you bake the other in a square/rectangle, and cut it to fit?

Otherwise, baking one (while refrigerating the remaining batter) will work great!
Anisa S. May 3, 2020
Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it. I’ll do the round 9 inch and a square 8x8 pan :) Thank you again...I can’t wait for everyone to try this cake.
Coral L. May 3, 2020
Great! Good luck. The rounded off edges of the square pan can be your secret snack ;-) happy birthday to your husband, and have a wonderful day!
Anisa S. May 3, 2020
Thank you! It worked out perfectly! And great tip on the extra cake from the square pan. I’m so happy I reached out to check with you. You’re awesome :)
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