I just want a human being to get back to me. I ordered two masks two weeks ago, my card was charged, but there must be something wrong with the order because it is still processing. They should have shipped by now according to the timeline on your website. I want a refund. My advice is to never order anything from Food52. I waited a week to reach out because I figured with everything going there might be delays. But other people said they got their order right away. Food52 - please please get in touch with me. I chose to support you all because of your donation promise, but I expected better considering I paid $60 for masks. If there is a delay in shipping, you should be more transparent.

  • Posted by: Molly
  • May 14, 2020
  • 1 Comment

1 Comment

Customer-Care May 14, 2020
Hi Molly--thanks so much for reaching out. I'm really sorry to hear that this has been your experience. We are indeed experiencing unexpected shipping delays on some products. I see your note to us in our [email protected] inbox, and I'm going to write you there right now--we'll get this sorted out for you!
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