Experience with Israeli Cous Cous?

I really like Israeli Cous Cous, but every time I cook it it just comes out in a large clump. The package directions are: 1C cous cous to 1 and 1/4C liquid, boil liquid, add cous cous, stir, reduce heat, cover, simmer 8-10 minutes. I've tried to add more liquid, but I'm afraid to add too much.

  • Posted by: KLS
  • October 2, 2020


Nancy October 2, 2020
I also like the Israeli style couscous a lot, though i've fallen out of the habit of making it.
Looking at old recipes, I see two methods...one cooking like a grain at 2:1 liquid to dry couscous; the other cooking it like a pasta, which it is, in lots of boiling water about 9 minutes.
Try either or both and see if you like the results better than from the 1.25 to 1 liquid to dry method.
KLS October 5, 2020
Thanks, Nancy, I'll probably try both, but it's not something I cook frequently. I am reluctant to cook it like pasta because I usually cook it in broth.
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