Can I make this cake two or three layered?

Hezel Judah
The Snake Bite
Recipe question for: The Snake Bite


Jessica M. May 2, 2021
I took a look at this and I caution against making it in layers. It looks dense. Which I'm sure is delicious, but difficult and messy to cut through if it's layered. If you do make it in layers. I would tier the layers (making each one smaller as it gets taller) to avoid having them slide off when it's cut. Bake on! :)
Nancy May 3, 2021
Jessica - I see your points. If one does make 2 or 3 layers, do you think the whole thing would work better if you level off the top of the bottom (and or middle) layer before frosting?
Nancy April 30, 2021
Though I haven't made it, the recipe sounds great.
Do you want to increase the volume of the cake. Or make it look more impressive?
Either way, I would double the recipe, bake in two pans, cool and frost.
Three layers might be very high...but see after you bake the first two, and - if you want - make a third one.
From the photo, the cake looks too small to cut in half horizontally - a tactic ok with a deeper or higher cake.
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