Why doesn't this recipe have grams as a option

  • Posted by: Freeway
  • November 29, 2021
Lemon-Ricotta Bars
Recipe question for: Lemon-Ricotta Bars


drbabs November 29, 2021
The recipe was posted 10 years ago when using volume measurements for baking was common. It is a much loved recipe. I think the practice among home cooks of using a scale for baking is relatively new. While it certainly makes things easier and more uniform, it can be intimidating to the novice baker who might not even own a scale. Sadly, the author of this recipe, Kukla, who was an active member of this community, died in 2015. (Here’s a tribute to her. https://food52.com/blog/15045-a-dinner-in-honor-of-longtime-food52-er-kukla). I hope you try the recipe and like it.
drbabs November 29, 2021
Also, here is a video describing 2 common methods of measuring flour. https://food52.com/blog/2227-how-to-measure-flour
Kelly V. November 29, 2021
Hi Freeway,

Many of our recipes do not list grams as an option, but here are a couple of resources you can use if you're looking to convert an ingredient:

Hope this helps. Happy Holidays!
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