A question about a recipe: Mocha Chip Ice Cream

I have a question about the recipe "Mocha Chip Ice Cream" from The Constant Gardener. I'm relatively new at making ice cream -- may I ask what the baking powder does for the recipe? I haven't seen that before and I'm curious.

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Recipe question for: Mocha Chip Ice Cream


boulangere May 6, 2011
How wonderful for both of you!
Melusine May 6, 2011
This was some of the best coffee ice cream in the known universe; certainly the best I've ever made. My boyfriend is visiting -- he's been living in Senegal for a few months, and has been good-ice-cream deprived, and coffee ice cream is his favorite. I gave him a smorgasbord of chocolate to choose from, and he was in heaven.
Melusine May 1, 2011
Thank you -- that makes sense now.
boulangere May 1, 2011
The baking soda is going to react with the chocolate and coffee (powder or grounds), both of which are acidic, to create CO2, thereby lightening the whole compound. Don't leave it out!
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