A question about a recipe: Vietnamese-Inspired Sweet & Spicy Catfish with Pickled Vegetables

I have a question about the recipe "Vietnamese-Inspired Sweet & Spicy Catfish with Pickled Vegetables " from melissav. Any suggestions for substitutions for catfish? My husband loves fish, hates the taste of catfish.

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  • Posted by: bbmoe
  • May 16, 2011


cookinginvictoria May 16, 2011
I've subbed both snapper and sole in this recipe with excellent results.
melissav May 16, 2011
You can use any thin white flaky fish. I've used tilapia, snapper, and flounder. Use your favorite white flaky fish. Good luck
braisinfoodie May 16, 2011
I've used mahi-mahi in the past for catfish haters, but it's a bit leaner. I've also heard of other's using monkfish, but I haven't tried yet. Unfortunately, I find that the unique taste of catfish is pretty difficult to duplicate.

Good luck!
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