A question about a recipe: Mexican Street Fair Corn

I have a question about the recipe "Mexican Street Fair Corn" from thirschfeld. When I've grilled corn before it has gotten a chewy texture. What's wrong and how can I fix this? Thanks!

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Recipe question for: Mexican Street Fair Corn


mrsjessbridges July 3, 2011
A simple trick to know if your corn is fresh... take your pocket knife (no cook should be without one) peel back a tiny bit of husk, cut off two or three kernals and eat them. Fresh corn is sweet when raw-cbviously sweet. After all corn syrup comes from corn. However, after picking the sugar converts rapidly to starch. I don't buy any corn that I did not taste and I cook it within 12 hours or I know to expect a starchier gummier texture and flavor. Do this and use a hot grill and you will have perfect corn every time.
TaoistCowgirl July 1, 2011
Thanks for the responses. Probably it's been old corn, I imagine. I live in Seattle and corn really doesn't come into season till fairly late. I might have also cooked it too long--perhaps the grill wasn't hot enough also.
Sam1148 June 29, 2011
IMHO. I think it's the corn.
Sometimes I get that from getting corn that's a bit out of season. Really good corn on the cob is more a mid or late summer item. We can get corn on the cob here in the spring or early summer, but the SO always refers to it as "that chewy horse corn". (meaning the stuff you'd feed to live stock).
It's sometimes either Florida crop, or Mexico, or shipped in from southern hemisphere. Which has lost a lot of moisture and sweetness via shipping.
thirschfeld June 29, 2011
I have always found the corn is older than you think or your grill wasn't hot enough.
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