A question about a recipe: Rhubarb Streusel Coffee Cake

I have a question about the recipe "Rhubarb Streusel Coffee Cake" from Burnt Offerings. You specify one stick of butter-- 8 oz. One stick is usually 1/4 lb., or 4 oz. I'm guessing you meant 1 stick-- 4 oz. Right?

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Recipe question for: Rhubarb Streusel Coffee Cake


Burnt O. July 16, 2011
YES!!! I meant 8 TBL not oinces. Thanks for catching this and I will correct it as soon as I get to a computer. Sent from cellphone.
marymichael July 16, 2011
Thanks, Sarah and Mrs. Larkin. Didn't think of the 8 T. I'm going with one stick...
mrslarkin July 16, 2011
My guess is 1 stick of butter, aka 8 tablespoons, aka 4 ounces.
sarah K. July 16, 2011
Wow, good question. One stick of butter is 8 tablespoons, but only four ounces. Maybe the author meant 8T.
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