A question about a recipe: Thai Basil Stir-Fry ( Put Kaprow)

I have a question about the recipe "Thai Basil Stir-Fry ( Put Kaprow)" from FrancesRenHuang.

If you want to add veggies, when's a good time to throw them in?

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Thai Basil Stir-Fry (Put Kaprow)
Recipe question for: Thai Basil Stir-Fry (Put Kaprow)


withinseason August 8, 2011
I really like Grace Young's approach to woking. Her Stir Frying to the Sky's Edge is useful and explains a lot of this kind of thing. If you go to her website, you can see some sample recipes that show the timing for when to add what.

In many of her recipes, it's meat first, cooked till nearly but not completely done. Remove to a platter.

Add a bit more oil, then your onions + aromatics (like garlic or chili). Then, in the order you think they'll cook, add your Veg. Add sturdier veg first (like bell pepper or snow pea). How thinly things are sliced can play a role here. Don't crowd the pan.

Then, in the last few minutes of cooking, add the sauce and the reserved beef.

(Tip: when you add the sauce: swirl it around the outside of the wok, don't pour it all in one spot in the center -- you don't want to accidentally reduce the heat/ accidentally end up just steaming all your veg)

Add the herbal part after removing from heat.
FrancesRenHuang August 8, 2011
Depending on the veggies, usually after the ground meat is cooked! And a little before you finish with the basil if you are adding veggies that is easily cooked.
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