Anyone have a good recipe for baba au rhum?

In a moment of weakness, I bought 12 baba molds at Williams-Sonoma that were discounted 75%. A great deal -- yes -- but I don't have a recipe other than a few I've found online. Or if you have ideas for other things to bake in them, please share!

  • Posted by: EmilyC
  • August 12, 2011


Droplet August 12, 2011
EmilyC August 12, 2011
garlic&lemon -- thank you!
garlic&lemon August 12, 2011
Oooh! Here's another version of Julia's babas - with pictures for baking in individual molds.
EmilyC August 12, 2011
KateBarbaria -- thanks so much. I definitely trust any recipe from the great Lidia. And sdebrango -- I'm so happy that you looked up the recipe in Baking with Julia! I have this cookbook and didn't even think to look there! With these two recipes, I'm feeling a bit better about my impulse buy!
garlic&lemon August 12, 2011
I have made Julia Child's recipe for baba au rhum and it is fantastic. Here is a link: Some of the ingredients are by weight, which is not a problem if you have a kitchen scale. If not, most public libraries have Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It is also in some of her other cookbooks. The recipe takes some time but it is simple.
sdebrango August 12, 2011
There is no link to this recipe but in Baking with Julia written by Dorie Greenspan on page 413 is what looks like an excellent recipe for babas. This book is my baking bible and have never been disappointed.
KateBarbaria August 12, 2011
Lidia's Babas infused with Limoncello
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