A question about a recipe: Peach Tart

I have a question about the recipe "Peach Tart" from amanda. could i use prune plums

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  • Posted by: bjb0777
  • September 21, 2011
Peach Tart
Recipe question for: Peach Tart


ChefJune September 21, 2011
I've made this, and I'd think you could sub just about any stone fruit you desire. You could also mix peaches and nectarines. It's a stunning presentation.
bjb0777 September 21, 2011
Many thanks!! I have made the peach tart several times to great acclaim..peach season is finished here..so am delighted to hear that plums will work!! Anxiously awaiting cookbook. Barb
Amanda H. September 21, 2011
Yes, you can!
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