A question about a recipe: Ms. Karen's Zucchini Pie

I have a question about the recipe "Ms. Karen's Zucchini Pie" from graNOLA.
Where does the whole wheat flour come into the recipe? Terry

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Recipe question for: Ms. Karen's Zucchini Pie


sdebrango October 3, 2011
So glad it worked out. Yes let us know how it turned out. Sounds great!! love zucchini.
Ipanema G. October 3, 2011
I just wanted to make a zucchini pie and when I searched for that nothing came up but zucchinni quiche brought up several recipes including the one in question. Actually I tried the puff pastry for the crust with my own filling and it seems lovely but have not eaten it yet. Will let you know. Thanks for your answer.
sdebrango October 3, 2011
I was hoping the author of the recipe might see your question. I looked at the recipe and can't see where you would add a cup of whole wheat flour and baking powder. There are several things in the recipe that need clarification I think. It really sounds like a quiche. Puff pastry puffs, hence the name I don't think you could use with egg mixture as a pie crust. I could be wrong but have never done that and don't think it can be done. Are you looking for a whole wheat pastry crust to make a quiche?
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