Any make-ahead tips? Can I hold this in the refrigerator and bake just prior to the meal?

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Beets Anna with Maple Butter
Recipe question for: Beets Anna with Maple Butter

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TheWimpyVegetarian October 6, 2011
You've got a couple choices on this, depending on the space available in your refrigerator: 1) you can cook the beets and make the maple butter ahead; place the unpeeled, mostly cooked beets in a ziplock, and pour the maple butter in a small container, and store everything in the refrigerator and then assemble while the oven is heating up, or 2) make everything and assemble in a pan, cover with plastic wrap so the peeled, sliced beets don't dry out too much, and store in the refrigerator. My thinking is #1 would work a little better as the beets could start to dry out. If you go with #2, I would reserve some maple butter to pour on top before it goes in the oven. I'd love to hear how it works for you! Enjoy!
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