What has happened to the winner and editor pick notations with the recipes???

  • Posted by: ellenl
  • October 23, 2011


ellenl October 23, 2011
It's not readable---most of it is not readable--not enough contrast--the black is light gray and the colors are bland and weak.
Muffinme October 23, 2011
I could read it in g-mail-I wonder if it just didn't work in other e-mail formats?
gmak4 October 23, 2011
it sounds different to have the editors pick rather than the community!! also in the email you sent announcing the new format, the paragraph in black is not readable--not enough between background and type color
Merrill S. October 23, 2011
As the editors, we consider ourselves part of the community! Also, site members are now testing many of these recipes, so it didn't seem right to keep calling them just Editors' Picks.
BLB October 23, 2011
I miss the editors picks as a search choice.
Merrill S. October 23, 2011
BLB, it's still there -- just with a slightly different name: Community Picks.
ellenl October 23, 2011
But when you scroll through a list, for ex, of shrimp recipes, EP used to be next to the name of the recipe (before you clicked on the complete recipe). How come not now, please?
Merrill S. October 23, 2011
It seems you did mean in search results, which is why I asked about that specifically. We're making progress, but we still have some things to tweak/add back in. We really appreciate your patience in the meantime!
Merrill S. October 23, 2011
Are you asking about notations within recipe search? Contest winners are all designated as such on individual recipe pages.
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