A question about a recipe: Quick Braised Sirloin with Horseradish Sauce

I have a question about the recipe "Quick Braised Sirloin with Horseradish Sauce" from thirschfeld.
Can you sear off the steaks, make the sauce, refrigerate, and finish in the sauce later?

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  • Posted by: mmpvail
  • November 10, 2011


mmpvail November 11, 2011
wssmom November 11, 2011
This is an awesome recipe, btw!!!
thirschfeld November 11, 2011
boulangere November 10, 2011
I'll certainly bow to Tom's much greater wisdom, but (and I hope this doesn't disillusion you) some restaurants do precisely that routinely. That said, be careful of re-cooked protein. It can easily overcook and toughen. If you're going to pre-sear them, do just that - essentially "mark" them on both sides, then cool, wrap very well, and refrigerate. Be sure to bring them to room temp before proceeding to finish them off.
boulangere November 10, 2011
Sorry, I hit ADD a minute too soon. After bringing to room temp (2 hours or so), bring them up to the finished stage slowly. Take them off the heat at an internal temp of probably not more than 125 degrees, cover, and let sit for 10 - 15 minutes before serving.
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