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Choros a la Chalaca are ubiquitous in beachside #Peruvian cafes, but you needn't book a ticket to South America to enjoy them. Simply steam cleaned #mussels in a little water. Remove mussels from their shells, keep the shells as they will be your serving vessel. Reserve the juices and add fresh #lime #salt and the Peruvian #pepper #ajiamarillo (look for it in paste form in Latin American and gourmet markets). Let the mussels sit in this mixture while you make a #salsa with diced #tomato, #redonion, #cilantro, salt, lime, and #habaneros if you don't have aji amarillo. To arrange, place the mussel on a half shell, ladle some of the lime and mussel liquid on top, add the salsa. Garnish with #canchita (an Andean corn kernel found in specialty markets) or #cornuts. Buen provecho.