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Breakfast Soup. Also known as perhaps the most amazing thing I've ever eaten to start my day. I was craving something souper savory (sorry, I couldn't help myself...). Took some stock out of the freezer, and thawed in the microwave. Poached an egg, and while that was happening, made a quick pesto by grinding up a nub of ginger, few pinches of parsley, & some pistachios. Decided on grapeseed oil over evoo so the other ingredients could be the stars.
To serve, I added cooked rice noodles to a bowl (I always have some in the fridge), ladled in broth, added poached egg & topped with pesto. An absolute feast of flavors in a bowl, totally forged from existing ingredients in my fridge, freezer & pantry. Whole meal took about 12 minutes to make. #findersfeast #notcontests