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Start off with pre made pizza dough. From your fav local pizza place. Let it rest for about 30 mins on floured counter.

Scrunch up (technical term) a couple of canned whole San Marzanos, add a bit of the juice from the can, splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes. Simmer it for ~20 mins to thicken it up.

Roll out pizza dough and shape into a heart. Or whatever shape you want, I usually favor the blob but this was for Valentine's Day so.

Pre-bake dough on pizza stone or baking sheet that has been heating up in a 450 degree oven. After it starts to bubble up take it out and flip it over.

Top with your sauce. Then cheese. I cut ciliegene in half, but regular fresh mozzarella torn up in pieces would be perfect.

Bake until cheese is bubbling and browning. Let it cool a bit then add slivers of basil and a little bit of grated parmesan.