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Cut up tempeh into little rectangles (or squares).
In a wok (or a frying pan), shallow fry tempeh cubes over medium heat until brown. While frying the tempeh, dice onions and slice some garlic.
After frying the tempeh, remove and place on a separate plate. Transfer excess oil from shallow to a separate container. Using the remaining oil, sauté onions first until slightly brown (adding some salt to accelerate the browning), then add the sliced garlic to the pan. Sauté until garlic is golden brown (onion should be completely brown as well). Lower the heat and crack an egg into the wok, and quickly bring the wok back up to high heat. Break up the egg such that you make little specks of egg.
Then, lower the heat and add your rice (fresh or old) and stir fry over high heat, making sure that the rice continues to dry out. Once the rice starts to dry out, toss in some french beans (or your favorite green vegetable) and continue to stir fry. Once the rice is dry, season your rice with your favorite Asian seasonings (I like fish sauce and sesame oil). Remove fried rice from heat and garnish with some scallions (optional). Serve with the fried tempeh.