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This is (not) a recipe, really, but a very useful tip to recover from one of those baking foibles we’ve all encountered—underbaked cake. I’m testing out some #grainfree #dairyfree chocolate cake recipes, and my cake just wasn’t cooking properly in the center. I wasn’t 100% surprised—I had a hunch I should’ve added 1/4 cup less cashew milk, but being a recipe developer, pushing the boundaries is part of the thrill/territory. Anyway, all was not lost. While the recipe itself still needs work, I was able to save the cake, rather than toss it in the trash. I cut it into thick slices, and put them back in a 350ºF oven for 15 to 20 minutes, turning once. Perfect to top with some ice cream for dessert tonight. In fact, if you cut the slices thinner, you can even turn them into ice cream sandwiches. #wastenotwantnot #foodwaste #findersfeast

Cait Lovelace
Cait Lovelace
The way this loaf collapsed in the center makes it look just like the chocolate loaf cake in the Genius Recipes cookbook! Talk about a weird recipe... But so freaking good.
jennifer perillo | In Jennie's Kitchen
I don't know that recipe. Will have to look it up! I make a French Chocolate Cake which collapses like this, too. It's a beautifully rich, dense, intense chocolate flavor.