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Moscato blackberry ice-cream

Mix 1c puréed blackberries(strained to remove seeds)
With 1/2c sugar
I vanilla bean scrapings
1&1/4 c moscato wine
And whisk together till sugar is dissolved.
In a freeing cold bowl add 2&1/3 cup heavy whipping cream add moscato berry mixture and beat till you get soft peaks.
While mixing if you want the swirls take more berries another 1/2c sugar another scraped out vanilla bean and a splash or glug glug of moscato and cook down till you get a thick syrup.

Place some syrup in bottom of container and then some of the whipped up ice cream and then more syrup on blobs. Repeat layers. Then with butter knife swirl around to make it pretty. Freeze over night.

I did find this recipe on line some where. I'm not claiming this to be mine however the berry swirl mixture is mine that I made up.

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