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The Painted Chef
The Painted Chef

True #Fermented #Sauerkraut. Slice up some #cabbage preferably one that is in season and is as fresh as possible. You may want to use a #mandolin but I like to do it by hand. Please the sliced cabbage in a bowl and mix in about 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of an unrefined salt. Preferably one with a good mineral content. Massage the cabbage and salt together well. Taste the cabbage. It should be pleasantly salty. This should start to naturally sweat. You should be able to get quite a lot of liquid out of it. If not, leave the cabbage to sit for about an hour and massage some more. Keep doing this until you have quite a bit of liquid. Pound down the cabbage into a #mason jar or #fermenting #crock. I use a #Gartopf water lock crock. Try to get all the air out from between the pieces of cabbage. The cabbage should be completely submerged in the liquid. Place a couple whole leaves of cabbage on top and add weights to keep all of the cabbage submerged. If necessary you can add a 2% salt brine but it is better if you can submerge in the cabbage liquid. Cover the mason jar of you are using one to reduce the amount of light that comes in, place the lid on top but do not tighten. Gas needs to be able to escape. Put the mason jar or crock somewhere that is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it there for about 5 days then open and remove any cabbage that is not submerged. The liquid may be cloudy and should be slightly bubbly. Use a non reactive utensil to remove some of the cabbage and try it. I like using chopsticks. If the sauerkraut is how you like it you can now put it in small Mason jars in the fridge. This will last for 1 year in the fridge. If it is not sour enough rinse the weights off and put them back. I usually ferment my sauerkraut for about 14 days or so. This is great with #sausages , #hotdogs , #pizza or just as a snack. It is super healthy.
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