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When Every Thing You Stock in the Fridge Finally Makes Sense or Shakshuka with Dilly-Yogurt and Socca

1. Whisk equal parts chickpea flour and H2O, along with a drizzle of olive oil, S+P

2. Heat spicy tomato sauce (leftover, or regular w/ a spoonful of harissa, or store bought i.e. Mina)
3. Stir in handful of baby spinach found in back of crisper drawer
4. Crack in eggs, stick pan under broiler just until whites set (but don't you dare let that yolk set)


5. Heat a couple coriander seeds in a small nonstick skillet until they pop
6. Turn heat to high, pour in chickpea batter, whirl pan
7. Sprinkle chopped parsley/cilantro over top
8. Once set, flip, cook a minute or two more until lightly browned
9. Serve Shakshuka with socca, and a spoonful of yogurt (into which you have stirred a bit of dill pickle juice. No shame.)