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Kevan Lin
Kevan Lin

Boil polenta grains in seasoned water, reduce heat and simmer. Transfer to 13x9 baking dish and let cool. Place in fridge overnight. Take ring molds or a glass to make circle cakes. Brown butter and add sage or other herb and brown polenta cakes. To make the simple tomato ragu, start with some great olive oil, mince garlic and onions, sweat them out. Add whole tomatoes from a can, crush by hand before adding to pot. A bunch of basil leaves. Throw in some thyme and oregano. Add a touch of sugar for sweetness. Salt and pepper to liking.

Serve with some ragu, polenta cake, add ragu and sandwich with another cake. Add fried egg on top (make sure it's over easy so you get that luxurious yellow goodness). Emeril BAM!! the top with julienned green onion.

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