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Stephanie Kordan
Stephanie Kordan

A twist on the Spanish Sangria and the Italian Bellini: Make this for a backyard get together on a warm afternoon. Pick some seasonal fruits to go into your glasses. Make or have fresh juice (peach, tangerine, orange) to pour. Place a few cubes of ice inside the glass. Fill each with selected fruit (strawberries, figs, raspberries, blackberries, sliced peaches, edible flowers, lemon verbena, mint, basil, etc). Add a refreshing touch of juice (any amount you like) then pour champagne to level. Add a touch of Aperol, orange blossom water, coconut water, or anything that complements the drink (I love a tiny splash of pear flavored balsamic). Have fun creating your edible drink. No sugar added! Just fresh fruit and sensually pleasing flavors?#drink #champagne #cocktail #notcontest #notarecipe #fruit #fruits

Leslie |
You had me at champagne.