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Ejona Varangu
Ejona Varangu

Tahini and vegetables whole wheat pasta

My favorite pasta at the moment is "Tahini pasta". I love the combination of creamy texture and nutty flavor of tahini with the chewiness of whole wheat pasta. Why not add some vegetables and chicken and create a nice fast dinner.
Time : 20 min
Serving size : 2 persons 
* 1 medium zucchini
* 1 medium carrot
* 1 chicken breast (about 250 g)
* 1 tbs of black sesame seeds
* 1 tbs of soy sauce
* 2 tbs of tahini
* A drizzle of olive oil
* Some chopped parsley
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Whole wheat spaghetti or any kind of pasta - for 2 persons

Start preparing in parallel pasta (according to the package directions) and the vegetables, chicken and tahini mixture.
Dice the chicken and stir it in medium-high heat with a drizzle of olive oil for 2-3 mins. Clean and cut the vegetables into small pieces and add them to the chicken. Stir for another 2-3 mins. Add the soy sauce and stir the mixture another minute, not more, since we want the vegetables slightly tender but not mushy and the chicken well done, but not dry.
Mix tahini with 2 tbs of pasta water and set aside.
At this moment the pasta should be ready, so just pour the vegetables' mixture over pasta, add tahini mixture, black sesame seeds, salt and pepper to taste and mix.
Don't forget the chopped parsley at the end.

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