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This is interesting, and I had no idea (says Food & Wine Magazine)

On Good Friday, it's customary to eat fish instead of meat (that's reserved for a ham-fueled Easter feast on Sunday).
Seafood is awesome, and most Americans do not consider it as an option for their breakfasts. And even if it is Salmon (Lox) it usually goes with capers and tartar sauce. But today I wanted to go beyond and build something epic. So off I went and got my self some epic ingredients that would make for a dream Good Friday breakfast sandwich, comprising just that: EPIC ingredients and nothing more. I've narrowed it down guys! Get ready

Toasty, crusty fresh herbed Focaccia roll. Creamy Avocado. Sriracha. Smoked Salmon. Fried Egg. All together in one. Often I spend time thinking about food while I'm preoccupied with other things like listening to music, driving (yikes!), in the shower etc, and it always occurs to me that eating is about realizing dreams. The ones that you wish to live for others and the ones that need to be dreamt, and this is certainly one of those.

You could say... and then we add an Avocado to the sandwich and what's better than that? I'd say what's better than all those things that up the ante to epic levels in one sandwich? Iconic stuff! And there's barely any cooking involved!

Unicorns & Sunshine : My Dream Good-Friday-Fried-Egg-Salmon-Sriracha-Avocado-Focaccia Sandwich

Makes 1 epic sadnwich


1 herb Focaccia roll
2 to 3 sheets of Smoked Salmon
2 eggs (use 1 yolk and 2 egg whites)
1/2 Avocado
1 tbsp Butter (+1 tbsp for frying egg)
1 tbsp Oil to fry eggs
Salt + pepper

Heat up a small fry pan and let it get medium hot. Add the oil and butter and drop 2 eggs in the pan (I used one yolk only) and fry them till edges get crispy. Splash some oil from the pan on to the edge of the egg to make them even crispier.

Slice the Focaccia roll in half (lengthwise) and toast the roll in a toaster oven or toaster for 3 minutes or till warm.

Check on eggs. In the meantime, slice avocado in half and cut into thin slices.

Remove roll from toaster and apply some butter to both inner halves. Eggs are done, turn off heat and remove into a dish and season with some salt + pepper immediately.

Now assemble, avocados go first, then layer the egg, followed by Salmon and finally copious amounts of Sriracha.

Dig in and live the dream.

Thanks for the feedback! ✌️
C Klaus Nein
C Klaus Nein
Also lox and tartar sauce is a shiksa concoction if ever there was one.
C Klaus Nein
C Klaus Nein
If breakfast is living the dream you're an idiot.