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Megan Trombino
Megan Trombino

The veggie cream cheese on these everything bagels is pretty perfect. It's based on the shmear from my favorite local coffee shop, True Grounds in Somerville, MA.

- 1 package cream cheese
- 1 scallion thinly sliced
- 1/4 of a red bell pepper diced
- 1/4 of red onion diced
- 1 carrot grated
- teaspoon salt
- teaspoon cracked black pepper
- teaspoon lemon zest

Mix all of these ingredients together the night before you want to serve.

I'm serving these toasted bagels and veggie cream cheese with dill gravlax, capers and red onion.

Do you use the schmear for sandwiches too? Sounds like it'd be really good!
Megan Trombino
Megan Trombino
You know? I haven't! I can definitely see putting it on a thick slice of whole wheat bread with cuces, shaved carrot, radish and cado with some salt and pep! A nice open face veggie sandwich!