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Blanched Pistachios

Shelling #pistachios is a task, removing the skins to reveal the beautiful #springtime green #color is arduous to say the least. You can #blanch just about any tree nut, but I think the intensely green and yellow colors of pistachios are worth this extra step.

To remove the skin of pistachios here's what I did:

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil.

Drop shelled pistachios into the water for about one minute. You'll notice the skins beginning to slip off.

Scoop the pistachios out with a strainer and into a ice bath to stop the cooking process.

Transfer the pistachios on a dish towel large enough to fold over the pistachios.

Rub vigorously. The skins of the pistachios should slip off easily.

* If you're as OCD as I am, you can take a small paring knife to peel off any skins that don't slip off as easily.

In a medium pan, I dry roasted them very slightly which drew out the extra moisture from the blanching process.