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Amber Edwards
Amber Edwards

Four layer mint chip ice cream cake
1. Make two chocolate cakes and refrigerate over night
2. Scoop half of the quart of ice cream
3. Using the hand mixer mix ice cream almost so that the texture is frosting like
4. Line circle pan with wax paper then put the ice cream mixture in the pan and smooth it out so that it's flat
5. Freeze for 2 hours
6. Put frozen ice cream layer on one layer of chocolate cake
7. Put plastic wrap over cake and ice cream then put into the freezer for an hour
8. Repeat steps 2-6 (ice cream layer should be on the top)
9. Freeze entire cake for 2 more hours
10. After two hours mix half of quart of ice cream so that it is frosting texture
11. Using the ice cream frosting frost the sides and top of cake and freeze till it's ready to be served
12. Line chocolate chips on cake slice and enjoy!!