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Sun and Squalor
Sun and Squalor

Mixed greens and avocado salad with deep roasted sesame dressing
Sautéed okra
Pea rice (with a tsp of rice vinegar)
Miso salmon

I cook with the belief that if it takes more than an hour to make, it's probably not worth it. All these sides took me approx 45 minuets including prep time. Born and raised in India, the dietary habits were not of "one dish meal" but a variety of textures and tastes to create balance and wholesomeness. I am also a sucker for a vivid colour palette on my plate. I dislike foods that are beige. I hope to bring ideas to (not)recipes as to how you can mix and match food to create these luscious "thaalis" aka plate (of food). I'll be providing recipes for the miso salmon and okra in the following posts