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Anastacia Grigorash
Anastacia Grigorash

How much I love this dessert, because it is a pleasure to cook! It takes about 5 minutes for 2 sets! The only thing I would advise you: start in the morning the lower layer, the upper end in the evening, well, enjoy it next morning with a cup of strong coffee!
Approach 1:
Let's start! Fill gelatin with warm water and gelatin in a bowl until smooth with no lumps. In a separate deep bowl put the sour cream or yogurt, pour the passion fruit juice concentrate and a can of condensed milk. Beat with a mixer. When the gelatin is completely dissolved, add to the bowl and stir once again. All!
The most difficult - is to choose a beautiful shape. I like to do in portions, especially in glasses for margaritas!
Proportion is designed for 5-6 servings, so try to calculate!

Pour into glasses and leave about 5 cm to the brim. Put in the refrigerator and forget until the evening!

Approach 2:
Dissolve the jelly in the same proportion as it is written on the packaging. Сlean and add passion fruit with seeds in the jelly. Took out the glasses with a frozen mousse, pour cooled down jelly with bones! By now you should try to forget until the morning!

That's it! Dessert is ready, and most importantly, you can enjoy it even a whole week; of course if there is going to be some of it left :)